I am a jurist and a lawyer working both in the theory and the practice of law.

The core of my theoretical work lies on human autonomy: the integrated and integral -unitary- manifestation of action determined by an individual’s will or agency. In studying voluntary action as the source of all human initiative and consent, I am specifically interested in the formation process of the will and its manifestations of juridical transcendence. In other words, the cognitive process of individual decision making that determines the course of action of persons both the physical natural person and the subsequently established abstract legal person. Human initiative, civil society, the law, and globalisation have been the pillars of my knowledge building process.

Pursued within law schools first and as an independent interdisciplinary research effort later, my work as a jurist has run parallel to my professional career, my rewarded and philanthropic practice of law.The work done as an attorney, counselor and public policy strategist in matters of constitutional, civil liberties/human rights, administrative and criminal law and correlated affairs of democratic governance and inclusive development affairs, has drawn from and fed back the legal thought enquiry. Just as much as the work performed as a human rights defender, public interest litigator and civic advocate and populariser of legal and political science or and the need for a juridically empowered civil society, notably in its most vulnerable sections.

Working and living in different languages, geographies, historical legacies and cultural contexts has intensely enriched my work. It has lent a universalism prism to my approach to law and society as a whole and also refined analysis and strategy skills for clients with their staked set amidst a rapidly era of globalisation.

As with most innovators, I think for action.

Novel understanding, strategy and tactics on topics such as the need of a circular and transparent economy of waste implemented through sustainable city sanitation, specially, in global south municipalities; the need of redefining nonprofit organizations to illuminate their specific identity, secure their regulatory space and safeguard their true value while acknowledging it through law and reputation; the need of securing fair and equal treatment of the law to all legal persons privately formed by civil society members regardless of being established for profit or not; the need of accurately understanding and responding to contemporary uncivil and criminal ways of exploitation by the chain on supply or trafficking of human beings for exploitation and along the market-making, profit and enslavement that goes with it, are all insights findings and conclusion of intellectual production to be found in documents of praxis rather than scholar journals as they are applied directly and intently to initiate or strengthen processes of innovation, change or reform. Written arguments to court; advocacy for law reform; inclusive policy-making projects; edutainment products; models of citizen-led economy models of organizing and enterprising when and while trapped in poverty; anti-corruption and anti-impoverishment oversight reports, as well as occasional publications, open letters, public statements and pieces of opinion journalism.

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