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My research, insight and praxis can be grouped under four main topics. Let's talk.

Insights and Opinion


I am a jurist and a lawyer finding new ways of understanding our shared reality and developing innovative ways of solving practical problems within and under the rule of law.
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My work

My intellectual work revolves around the incarnated free will of physical human beings, their conscious and deliberate choice, faculty and freedom of voluntary decision and action. The Personal Autonomy of individual beings, agency and voluntary action that I argue can not only source from self centeredness to selflessness and form one or other animate subsequent individual decisions, acts, actions, activities organizations and inventions/fictions henceforth oriented by such cause/animus/intention/drive to follow a distinct motivation or motor of agency to attain an anticipated goal or position of achievement. Volitions incarnated in being or through design instilled in inventions/fictions are actors of law and society better known as physical persons and legal persons. Individuals or individuated organizations of humans have choice and depending on the incarnated or instilled self importance of the actor its behavior within the human community and the natural environment can competitive, indifferent or integrative most or all of the time of her/his life and that of its human made fictions or inventions. Branches of law, of distilled communal logic and understanding mores costume, punish or promote, incentivize or disincentivize the behavior of human individuals and legal entities, tax law treats differently legal persons said to be non profit from the for profits, the infliction of harm of other for the self satisfaction or self enrichment evolve change in time and evolve the shared reality to which the rules of the game or the law of society has to catch up. Understanding and experimenting with new concepts and innovative solutions is what I do as a jurist, on the side / spare time I have working as a lawyer.


Work that has received widespread coverage


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