Bottom up drive

For millenia people where decided, controlled and governed by a powerful few, self-government through a systemo of particpation and representtion, a democratic technique is a recent conquest. The philosophers, intellectuals, and revolutionaries from the 17th to the 20h  centuries managed to formalize the idea, in the long history of humankind,  that all humans men and women of any race or culture have a right to cooperate with their ideas and voice in the rulemaking process that ultimately governs them.

Bottom-up forces are new-comers in the cultural and political scene. Law and society have begun to respond to change by increasingly admitting and welcoming public interest litigation,  inclusive dialogue and policy-making,  transparent regulation, civic advocacy, progressive taxing and social accountability.


Re-wiring with substance

The oversimplified massive communication of ideas strategically fashioned to trigger the individual and collective emotion of voters and consumers has reduced meaning in language and human exchange. As a consequence disorientation on how to explain and intervene the shared reality create frustration and indifference in many.

As a consequence corruption is hardly detected, disorientation flourishes and people end up losing their sense of significance in law and society. Not knowing how to effectively participate and intervene social reality create frustration and indifference in many while leave exposed and vulnerable to abuse and exploitation many others.

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